Aljoe Almazan
Aljoe Almazan

Aljoe has been fascinated with color theories ever since attending The Academy of Art University in San Francisco from 1999 - 2003.

All of his paintings reflect the theories that encompass a multitude of definitions, concepts, and design applications. Currently, he is working on a new collection: Stripes.

The semi transparent paint on acid etched glass allows him to create pieces that seem to be glowing from within. The intensity of the paint is multiplied by surrounding light, enhancing the life force within the piece.

Following the theories of color, Aljoe expresses emotions in his color combinations. By not naming the emotions achieved through titles, but rather numbering the pieces, viewers are invite to react to their own emotions.


2006 - 2015: Assistant to Artist/Sculptor Rainer Lagemann

1999 - 2003: Academy of Art University, San Francisco Interior Design

1995 - 1999: Cal State University, East Bay Studied Drawing under Artist Mel Ramos
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